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Goals and Objectives of our Journal
  1. Unique publication media for the research findings by MGSU researchers, their Russian and international colleagues.
  2. Highlights of the most challenging upcoming trends in the civil engineering science and practice, theory and history of urban planning and architectural art.
  3. Unique networking and interfacing opportunity for researches from different regions and countries.
The Editorial Board keeps searching for new contributing authors whilst involving researchers from partner universities of the International Association of Institutions of Higher Education in Civil Engineering, colleagues employed with universities of technology and civil engineering in CIS states and worldwide, leading researchers of research institutes, specialists and top executives of design and construction companies with our publication activities.
Materials to be considered for publication in our Journal topic sections include insights, research papers, scientific overviews and reviews, as well as scientific publication feedback articles on construction and architecture fundamentals and applications.
A scientific article is a finalised and copyrighted work describing results of an original scientific study (a primary scientific article) or relating to reviews of the scientific articles in the same domain published earlier (scientific overviews). In primary scientific articles, authors provide essential details of their completed studies in such a form as is most convenient for other scientific community members to assess such studies, simulate experiments, as well as assess the authors’ reasoning and conclusions. The purpose of scientific overviews is to provide a summary, an analysis, an assessment, a general overview or a synopsis of an earlier published information (primary scientific publications). Normally, a scientific article combines these two types of scientific texts, including an overview and an original scientific work.
The Information section is intended for publishing the materials on R&D and construction companies’ achievement highlights and contribution to the construction industry.
Per the RF Media Laws and the incorporation paperwork, the advertising materials relating to the construction science advanced technologies, best educational practices, newsbreaks, events, scientific conferences and trade fairs are also published in the Journal.
The Journal focus is construction and architecture science challenges (including construction activities in Russia and abroad, construction materials, equipment, technologies and methods, architectural theory, history, design, refurbishment and urban planning reviews).
Subject Entries
  • General Challenges in Construction Science and Industry*. Harmonisation and Standardisation in Construction*.
  • Architecture and Urban Planning*. Reconstruction and Refurbishment*.
  • Urban Management*.
  • Construction System Design and Layout Planning*. Mechanical Equipment Challenges in Construction*.
  • Foundation and Substructure Engineering*. Soil Mechanics*.
  • Engineering and Structural Survey*. Special-Purpose Construction*.
  • Construction Process Technology*. Construction Works and Equipment*.
  • Construction Material Engineering*.
  • Construction System Safety*. Environmental Challenges in Construction* Environmental Geology.
  • Hydraulics Engineering Hydrology*. Hydraulic Engineering*.
  • Transportation Systems*.
  • Challenges in Housing Utilities Sector*.
  • Construction Economics, Administration and Management*.
  • IT Systems and Logistics in Construction*.
  • Engineering Geometry and Computer Graphics.
  • Educational Challenges in Civil Engineering.
  • Short Messages Discussions and Reviews.
  • Personalities Information.
The subject matter coverage complies with the approved list of scientific specialties:
From Technical Sciences sector 05.00.00:
1.      Construction and Architecture (all specialties)* group of specialties 05.23.00, including the specialties relating to construction and architecture:
2.      From IT, Computer Engineering and Management* group of specialties 05.13.00:
Automation and Design Systems (05.13.12) (by sector)*,
Math Modelling, Digital Methods and Software Systems (05.13.18)*
3.      Safety of Human Activities (05.26.00)*
4.      From Mechanical and Theoretical Engineering* group of specialties 05.02.00, Process Engineering (05.02.22) (by sector)*;
5.      From Economic Sciences* sector 08.00.00, National Economic Administration and Management (08.00.05) (in construction and architecture, including economics, enterprise , utility and branch administration and management; innovation management; regional economics; logistics; labour economics; population economics and demographics; environmental economics; business economics; marketing; management; pricing; economic security; product standardisation and quality management; land arrangement; leisure and travel)*
!!! The asterisk (*) marks topic sections by group and specialty that the All-Russian Certification Committee recommends covering in MGSU Journal by publishing results of thesis studies in these domains (according to the List as of 01 December 2015 approved by the All-Russian Certification Committee)